Posted by Dianne Whitney on Feb 4th 2020

Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Learning is a lifelong pursuit of the faith-seeker, and it is very important that we as educators, parents and community leaders encourage a love for learning about the Faith in our children at a young age.

Building a kid-friendly Catholic library is important to ensuring that the right materials are available to engage kids, answer their questions and teach them the Word in a way they can connect with and understand.

A Good Catholic Library of Teaching Materials should include:

Child Friendly Bible

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These Bibles inspires and empowers children to read, understand, and love the Word of God. With easy-to-follow and colorful images, the stories of our Catholic faith come alive that not only enhance comprehension but also create enjoyment.

Children’s Catechisms

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Inspiring and easy to understand each of these books provide an excellent introduction to the teachings of the Catholic Church for children

Children’s Missal


Each of these examples are perfect companions specifically written for children to participate in the prayers at Mass.

Prayer Books

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Tiny Saints®, Joe Klinker, and the talented illustrator Manuel Corsi, bring you children’s books telling stories of saints and how they lived, each with a powerful message that will begin to inspire little minds and hearts to turn to God.

Coloring Books & Activity Books

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Charms, Coloring, Activity Books are a joyous way to help children understand God’s love. Each will encourage and motivate your children with inspirational and instructive presentations.

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