Creating Holy Habits

Posted by Dianne Whitney on Dec 29th 2021

Creating Holy Habits

Goodbye 2021! It has been rough. The year actually incentivized making a good New Year’s resolution.

New Year’s resolutions are extremely hard to keep, but we belong to a Church that continually gives us a second chance. So, make these resolutions, then set a reminder for March 2nd (Ash Wednesday) to check in on how these resolutions are going and try to start afresh for Lent. Then do the same thing for Easter, for Ordinary Time, and again for Advent. By the end of 2022, maybe you will have made a real change!

Here are some ideas.

Commit random acts of prayer. Pick someone to pray for throughout your day. It could be a politician you hear promoting abortion, someone in a passing car, or a shopper in the grocery line. If someone cuts you off in traffic, pray for them, and your anger will subside — and you will both be blessed.

See Jesus more often. Sign up for a holy hour. Don’t just trust yourself that you’ll make a holy hour each week, actually sign up so there’s more accountability than just your conscience.

Become invisible. Look for invisible ways to do good. Skip over a parking spot near the door and pray for the one who will park there instead. Put away a shopping cart and pray for the one who left it and the next shopper to use it. “Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:6).

Read the Word.Put a Bible somewhere convenient, and open it up once a day. Read the Bible. The whole thing. The Gift Shop has several Bible in a Year that can help you make this an easy resolution to obtain.

Read Something Worthwhile. Whether you do –one spiritual book a month or half an hour of spiritual reading a day or maybe just one book this year–but reading worthwhile books can be an outright game-changer. Check out the many recommendations of in our gift shop.

Forgive.Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. Make a resolution to forgive somebody for whom you’ve been harboring resentment.

Father, I forgive (Name) Please give me the grace to forgive him/her.”

For most of us, a year of such actions will move the forgiveness from our will to our hearts. For the rest, it’s still a good start.

Get to know the saint of the day. Ask him or her to pray for you. Pick up a copy of Saints Calendar and Planner 2022.

Wear a crucifix.It’s a silent witness to Jesus’ love and sacrifice.